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Retro Kingdom x Tozai Exports
March 2019

Looking for amazing deals on video games, live sales on Facebook, and the best in retro games from Japan? Check out our partner Tozai and how we combine forces.

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New York Nerds Show: VG Edition
April 2019

Retro Kingdom is headed to Staten Island’s New York Nerds Show. Come hang, play some games, and visit our omega booth filled with retro video games, toys, and adventures from Japan, New York, and beyond.


Pac-Man Had a Nose
April 2019

Check out the size of that nose.


Retro Games From Japan in New York

Retro video games are awesome. What’s not awesome is spending $200 for a copy of Megaman x3 on Super Nintendo. We import Super Famicom, Famicom, and a ton of other console titles so you can play amazing games at a fraction of the price.


Super Famicom, Famicom, and N64 Games Available

We carry tons of retro video game titles for the Nintendo 64 for both Japanese and American systems. We carry Japanese N64 exclusive titles as well you may never have seen before. Looking to build a retro videogame collection fast and not go broke? Try exploring our collection of Japanese Nintendo 64 games .


Play New Retro Games

From Osaka Japan to New York to around the world you can find a new retro video game favorite on any system at Retro Kingdom. We love exploring all these new titles and want to share how amazing and super powered they are with you. Come visit us and check out all the retro games at the Retro Kingdom!